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Commitments to supporting real estate community in all aspects of the industry.

The global real estate market has undergone dramatic changes over past few years — in terms of economic volatility, market demand, advanced financial structures, risks at new levels and investors’ platorms are changing. As real estate companies and institutional investors respond to new situation in real estate industry, they see potential opportunities — along with many challenges and concerns.

Support of Vimax Asia

At Vimax Asia, we can assist you in achieving your business and financial goals through each stage of the real estate cycle with a wide range of activities such as corporate governance, risk management and compliance, financial reporting and business development strategy.

Construction development consulting

  • Introducing, inspecting planning and legal information about investment locations
  • Developing ideas and making investment plans, reviewing feasibility of the plans
  • Carrying out planning procedures, approving investment policies, bidding to select investors, auctioning land use rights, leasing/allocating land and granting land use right certificates, design appraisal and granting permits, other investment procedures
  • Introducing investment partners, preparing draft of cooperation agreements

Consulting, reviewing, evaluating and completing investment procedures

  • Reviewing investment procedures implemented, assessing compliance with legal regulations
  • Assessing risks, providing solutions to overcome and completing investment procedures

Detailed appraisal and M&A

  • Detailed legal appraisal of the projects
  • Consulting on finding partners and completing investment cooperation procedures.
  • Consulting M&A transaction structure
  • Consulting contracts, M&A agreements
  • Post-M&A restructuring consulting

Project construction

  • Consulting on setting up project management
  • Drafting and reviewing construction contracts
  • Consulting acceptance, handover, payment and settlement
  • Consulting compliance affairs during construction

Project sales

  • Consulting on conditions and order of capital mobilization and project sales
  • Consultancy on contracts, capital raising transaction documents, sales
  • Consulting on resolving complaints and disputes in capital mobilization and sales

Project operations

  • Consulting selection and executing contracts with the operation management unit
  • Consulting recognition of hotel standards
  • Consulting license of slot games activities in hotels
  • Consulting compliance during operation

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    Nguyen Thao Ly
    Chief of consult department
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    vice - chief of consult department
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    Chief of financial department

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