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At Vimax Asia, we combine consulting, legal and tax expertise to provide an integrated set of People Services to add value to your organisation. Our team professionals work together to provide services combining a broad range of skills and experience. Our people include specialists in Human Resource and transformational change consulting, qualified lawyers with deep knowledge of labour and employment legislation and tax specialists. If you find yourself asking any of the questions below then our integrated People Services may be of benefit to you. Please get in touch to have a conversation with our team.

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+ Using technology to deploy talent

The #1 job of the global mobility function is to deploy talent to the assignment location in as cost effective and efficient way as possible. Are you thinking about how to best align your mobility process to meet the needs of your business strategy while keeping costs down? Are your assignment policies flexible enough to cope with different assignment patterns, a rapidly changing workforce diversity, and a growth in new assignment locations? Does your mobility function make effective use of technology? Vimax Asia can help you address these challenges and future proof your mobility function and processes.

+ Employee mobility

Modern mobility – redesigning your mobility experience

Short- and long-term assignees, frequent business travelers, intra-regional, and virtual assignees, all create a need for an intuitive, secure, self-service technology platform that can handle the many aspects of talent mobility with ease and confidence. In addition to changing deployment models and assignment types, we are seeing a number of factors in the market that are shifting the expectation of global mobility technology providers, including significant growth in talent mobility, new and emerging markets and heightened scrutiny from tax authorities  on expatriate compensation, tax treaties and social security agreements

+ Deploying talent strategically

In today’s labor market talented employees with experience in more than one country are increasingly considered as valuable as their specialties. Close to half of global CEOs said they foresee problems deploying experienced employees in other countries*. With the world’s markets constantly evolving, organisations need to continue to re-evaluate their people strategies and look at how they can best deploy talent for future business success. How confident are you that your global mobility programme supports this and delivers the best value for the business.

+ Managing risk & compliance

Integral to achieving an effective global mobility strategy is a keen understanding of the compliance landscape for the territories and industry sectors in which our clients operate.

Now could be the time to examine your expatriate tax program to assess whether it achieves individual tax and social security compliance and payroll reporting requirements, minimizes tax authority reviews and challenges, and manages both the individual and corporate tax and compliance risks inherent in global deployment.

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    Nguyen Thao Ly
    Chief of consult department
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    vice - chief of consult department
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    Chief of financial department

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