Litigation Lawyer Services

 Vimax Asia consists of Lawyers and experts in legal field. Litigation is an important stage in which a lawyer in a dispute case participates as a defender of legitimate rights and interests, as an advocate in all fields. : inheritance, land, labor affairs, etc. To resolve the case quickly and ensure legality during disputes and after judgment/decisions are made, you will Seek out lawyers and experts who have experience in participating in large, highly specialized and reputable economic cases.

  1. Litigation activities of lawyers

We protect the interests of our customers before jurisdiction authorities such as: Courts, Arbitration and State Administrative Agencies, this is an important area of activity of Lawyers. The areas of litigation lawyers such as: civil cases, criminal cases, administrative cases, commercial business, investment, labor, marriage and family, land, inheritance affairs, internal disputes of the Company among its members/shareholders.

  1. At request of the customers:
  • Lawyers protect the interests of plaintiffs, defendants, related persons, victims…
  • Lawyers protect the interests of plaintiffs, defendants and related persons in administrative cases
  • Lawyers protect the accused and defendants in criminal cases at courts

We may assist customers in resolving disputes through mediation between disputing parties; as authorized representatives or lawyers to protect legitimate rights and interests of the customers at courts or especially at Commercial Arbitration, in criminal cases, whether invited or appointed, we perform with responsibility to get trust of our customers. For civil litigation cases, we analyze and offer customers many options and help customers choose reasonable ones to reduce risks, anticipate possibilities for customers to choose appropriate decisions and protect their interests.

  1. Process of litigation lawyers services:

Receiving information

Customers contact and provide information as follows:

  • Brief description of cases:
  • How does it happen?
  • What are customer’s requirements?

The customer provides documents related to the cases, including:

Proof of ownership, for example Certificate of registration of land use rights and assets attached to land, Property registration certificate for registered assets (registration of cars, motorbikes) etc. depending on each dispute case

Contracts, handover minutes, liquidation minutes (if any)

Invoices, receipts, other documents (if any)

Documents and letters discussed between the parties

Lawyers take over the cases

  • Vimax Asia appoints a group of lawyers and legal experts to fulfill the customers’ request.
  • Lawyers guide customers to further provide information, documents and collect evidences related to the cases
  • Lawyers and legal experts review all documents and information of the cases
  • Preparing summary and legal opinions on the cases
  1. Lawyers advise customers on the cases

The lawyer prepares a detailed consultation with the following main details:

  • Giving advice on strengths, weaknesses, advantages and difficulties of the case
  • Providing solutions, analyzing advantages and disadvantages of each solution
  • Consulting steps for the solution chosen by the customers.
  1. Initiating lawsuits

For civil cases, administrative cases, economic cases, commercial business disputes, labor cases, commercial business cases, the lawyers will perform the following tasks:

  • Preparing documents to initiate lawsuits to competent courts
  • Filing lawsuits to competent authorities
  • Following proceeding of the case at the competent Courts
  • Following notices, summon litigants to participate in mediation sessions and decide to bring the case to court

For criminal cases in the investigation and prosecution stage:

  • Lawyers may be present when the persons who are arrested, detained, accused is taken deposition by competent authorities.
  • Lawyers may ask arrested persons in favor of proving their innocence.
  • Lawyers may appeal decisions or procedural actions of competent authorities if such decisions or actions are not in accordance with the law, which is adversely affected to their customers.
  1. Litigation Lawyers in Courts

Lawyers participate in litigation at the Courts with following tasks:

Pre-trial stage:

  • Carrying out procedures for registration to protect legitimate rights and interests of customers as plaintiffs, defendants, persons with related rights and obligations in cases.
  • Carrying out procedures for registration of defense for defendants, protecting the legitimate rights and interests in criminal cases.
  • Reviewing and copying case files
  • Reviewing case files, guiding customers to collect evidence which is in favor of customers

Participating in court proceedings:

  • Participating in conciliation, confrontation sessions, publicizing documents and evidence (for civil, economic, administrative, labor, marriage and family cases)
  • Participating in on-site inspection, appraisal or assessment of disputed assets (for civil, economic, marriage and family cases)
  • Participating in questioning, answering, arguing, making claims in favor of customers at courts.
  • Presenting arguments to protect the interests of their customers
  • Performing defenses, giving evidences and arguments to exonerate or reduce criminal liability for their customers
  1. Judgment enforcement or appeal
  • Lawyers guide customers to handle related parties.
  • In case the customers agrees with the Court’s judgment, the lawyer guides the customers to behave appropriately during the execution of the legally effective judgment.
  • In case the customers agrees with the Court’s judgment, the lawyer guides the customers to apply appeal against the judgment.

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