Investment trust service for institutional customers

Vimax Asia provides specialized portfolio management services for Institutional Customers, financial institutions who have demand to determine their own investment criteria, choose the portfolio structure, along with expected rate of returns and liquidity needs in line with their risk appetite and cash flow needs.

Financial institutions and institutional customers often choose Vimax Asia products to ensure that their company’s goal of earning profit from their investment is professionally accomplished through a well-built, flexible, careful portfolio at request of institutional investors.

In order to achieve a common consistency in the investment strategy of the portfolio, the Vimax Asia team will conduct surveys and discuss with the Customers in detail to clearly define investment goals and plans, expected outcome against the customers’ risk tolerance among other criteria.

Then Vimax Asia will develop appropriate investment strategy for each individual Institutional Customers, accompanied by mutually agreed agreements on investment restrictions, legal compliance and investment period. In addition, Entrust Portfolio contracts of this product will be very flexible so that they can be updated and changed according to the specific needs of each Institutional Customers in different market periods.

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    Chief of consult department
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