Investment trust service for individual customers

Vimax Asia offer Portfolio Management Service for high-net-worth individual customers. With this service, your assets will be managed by our experts in domestic market, freeing you from massive workload when you have to do it yourself, manage your investment. We help you access the best investment opportunities in Vietnam’s investment and fixed rate instruments market.

We understand that each customers has unique investment goals, as well as diverse capital contribution/withdrawal requirements. Therefore, we spend a lot of time listening to you, discussing and working with you to come up with investment strategy to meet each specific needs.

Vimax Asia operates based on 3 principles:

  • Disciplined investing process
  • Dynamic approach to making investment decisions
  • Rigorous and effective risk management.

Let’s share with us your needs, we are here to support, help you achieve your goals.

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    Nguyen Duc ToanCEO/Lawyer
    Nguyen Thao Ly
    Chief of consult department
    Truong Thi Thuy
    vice - chief of consult department
    Nguyen Thi Kim Anh
    Chief of financial department