Human resource management

Fully meet your company’s human resource management, legal, and tax needs


At Vimax Asia, our team of Human Resource Management, Law, and Tax consultants work together to provide an integrated service of Human Resource Management solutions that add value to our customers. To provide these services, we have a team of professionals with in-depth expertise and experience. These are consultants on human resource management and restructuring, lawyers having profound knowledge in labor laws, employment and tax consultants. If you ever have any of the questions below, our integrated Human Resource Management Service can assist you. Please contact our experts for further discussion.

Our services

  • Personnel transfer
  • Salary and benefits
  • Reviewing human resource management
  • Transforming human resource management function
  • Organizational restructuring

How to optimize the development and retention of talent through the transfer of personnel, and at the same time bring positive progress to the business? Do personnel to be transferred need to execute employment contracts and work permits according to Vietnamese law? How are tax issues handled in this case? Are there any changes to legal regulations related to foreigners working in Vietnam and licensing procedures? What is a plan to prepare for receiving and handing overwork when foreign personnel leaves Vietnam?

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    Nguyen Duc ToanCEO/Lawyer
    Nguyen Thao Ly
    Chief of consult department
    Truong Thi Thuy
    vice - chief of consult department
    Nguyen Thi Kim Anh
    Chief of financial department