Finalization of Personal Income Tax

Finalization of Personal Income Tax (PIT) is an indispensable job at end of the year for all employees.

Therefore, Vimax Asia’s Tax Agents are member of the Vietnam Tax Consultants’ Association, in addition to lawyers and experts in corporate finance, banking and insurance, providing PIT services to support employees. Actively update knowledge about tax, tax return, tax refund and PIT finalization smoothly.

The PIT Finalization Service is always a safe and reliable choice for each individual because of practical benefits that this service brings.

Determining correct amount of PIT payable or refunded

The PIT service will determine the payable PIT amount, ensure sufficient tax amount due or determine refunded tax amount, ensuring interests of the employees.

Advice and guidance on regulations related to PIT

Questions about PIT such as “What kinds incomes which are not subject to tax finalization?, “What documents do I need to prepare for tax finalization?”, “Can I get a tax refund?”, “How much is amount deductible in 2020? and so on. All of them will be answered quickly, accurately and easily by our consultants.

Saving your time in implementing PIT finalization

If you do the PIT finalization by yourself, it is inevitable that you will spend time on preparing relevant documents, tax declaration, calculating and submitting the documents to Tax Authorities.

In contrast, when using the PIT management service, the process of information management such as finding out, obtaining documents, verifying whether the relevant documents are appropriate or not, submitting the documents, explaining, waiting time at the Tax authorities will be shortened significantly.

Preparing tax returns, tax refunds finalization quickly

For each specific case, each individual will need a suitable set of records. Therefore, when using the PIT service, all tax returns and tax refunds will be processed by our experts

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