Consulting listing on the stock market

After equitization and/or becoming public companies, corporate customers can choose to list on stock markets to promote their brands and increase the liquidity of their shares. Creating favorable conditions for raising capital on the stock market through investors in the community.

Vimax Asia will help customers advise on the listing process on the stock market, ensure a smooth listing process, have impressive and successful first trading sessions to create impression on the market and investors.

Consulting equitization

Developing a general roadmap for the equitization process

Coordinating with the businesses to develop draft equitization plan, charter capital plan, and charter capital structure according to the requirements of production and business activities of joint-stock companies and in accordance with provisions of current law.

Coordinating with businesses to develop business plans for the next 3-5 years after converting to joint-stock companies.

Drafting the Charter of Organization and Operation of the Joint Stock Companies.

Coordinating with organizations to organize an extraordinary general meeting of employees and collect opinions on the equitization plan and revise and complete equitization plan to submit to competent authorities for approval.

Organizing sale of shares according to equitization plan approved by the competent authorities.

Organizing founding shareholders’ meetings

Consulting business registration procedures for types of joint-stock companies

Consulting evaluation of the value of shares

Analyzing and evaluating the economic situation and business industry of the Company

Analyzing and evaluating the financial position and business activities of the Company

Assessing and forecasting the company’s growth ability

Advising to choose appropriate valuation method and pricing model

Preparing the Company’s share valuation report according to the appropriate method.

Consulting organization of auction of shares

Advising order and process of the auction of shares

Developing Disclosures

Carrying out the procedures to organize the auction of shares

Consulting issuing securities to the public (Stocks and Bonds)

Consulting to build a roadmap for issuing securities to the public

Consulting drafting of documents to General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Directors on the issuance

Coordinating with businesses to develop issuance documents and submit them to the State Securities Commission for licensing

Distributing securities according to the issuance plan approved by the State Securities Commission

Carrying out the procedures for adjusting certificates of securities registration at the Securities Depository Center (if any).

Carrying out procedures for additional shares of the Company on Upcom trading system of the Stock Exchange or HNX/HOSE Stock Exchange (if any).

Consulting registration and listing transactions

Consulting appropriate route to register for a listing of shares/register for trading suitable for each type of business.

Preparing and submitting the application for listing registration/registration for trading at the Stock Exchange, monitoring the progress, supplementing and amending the documents at the request of the Stock Exchanges

Supporting post-listing/registration in terms of stock custody procedures of shareholders, stock trading, advising and supporting for information disclosure in accordance with regulations.

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