Vimax Asia buys bad debt at market value and its complexity and buys bad debt at market value

Vimax Asia buys bad debt by value


Bad debts in activities of credit extension, purchase of corporate bonds, entrustment for purchase of corporate bonds, entrustment of credit extension, and other activities in accordance with regulations of the State Bank;

Bad debts with secured assets;

Bad debts and collateral must be legal and have valid records and papers;

Existing borrowers;

Balance of bad debt or bad debt balance of borrowers.

Vimax Asia buys bad debt at market value:


Fully satisfy the conditions specified at Point 1 above;

Being assessed as having the ability to fully recover the bad debt purchase amount;

Security assets of bad debts that can be sold;

Borrowers are likely to recover their repayment capacity.

Vimax Asia assesses the level of debt influence of enterprises

The role of debt for businesses in Vietnam

– Increase capital for production and business activities

Thanks to debt, businesses can take advantage of idle capital to maintain production and business activities with simple procedures and lower costs than bank loans, depending on their credit relationship. responsibility between the seller and the buyer. Thus, debt helps to increase capital for the production and business activities of enterprises.

– Saving capital cost and money circulation cost

Instead of having to take a bank loan with complicated procedures, long disbursement time and possibly incurring intermediate costs related to borrowing capital, businesses can buy raw materials and goods for their operations. business activities with postpaid expenses and discount rates as agreed upon by the two parties. Thus, the use of debt is not only beneficial for manufacturing enterprises but also beneficial for the macroeconomy because the State Bank (SBV) does not have to provide more money for circulation, helping policymakers policy of the State Bank to make the monetary policy easier.

– Accelerate the speed of goods movement

In the market economy, the phenomenon that one enterprise has excess capital but another company lacks capital often occurs. Thanks to debt, production, and business activities are continuous, uninterrupted when businesses are temporarily short of money, and at the same time, it helps other businesses to consume goods. This helps to improve the production and business efficiency of enterprises.

– Encourage production and business

According to the research sample, the average Vietnamese enterprises are appropriating capital from suppliers about 11.60% of total business capital. This capital can create incentives for businesses to do business and create many opportunities for profit. Moreover, businesses are also able to enjoy a discount if they make early payments according to the stipulated time. Besides, debt suppliers can also sell goods to continue the new production and business cycle, reduce storage costs and create motivation for production and business.

Vimax Asia assesses the impact of debt

– Impact on businesses with outstanding debts

The pressure of an enterprise with outstanding debt is extremely great because the debts will create unexpected costs, which will gradually erode the capital of the enterprise and potentially lead to the risk of bankruptcy.

– Impact on the activities of credit institutions

If the enterprise is heavily indebted to its counterparty, it will be able to increase its debt to credit institutions. A major impact for credit institutions when having debt is to reduce credit efficiency and increase costs for credit institutions. High debt can lead to losses and reduce the confidence of depositors, seriously affecting the reputation of credit institutions.

– Impact on the economy

The relationship between banks – customers – the economy is very close. Debts arising from customers, inefficient production, and business enterprises (production and business) will affect the entire economy, affecting the growth and development of the economy due to stagnant capital, stagnant production, and business. The bankruptcy of enterprises, especially the banking system, will create a great shock to the whole economy. Unemployment, instability insecurity, loss of tax revenue, or lack of products are all factors that reduce GDP, reducing the competitiveness of the economy compared to other countries.

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