Asset management services

Vimax Asia and its partners coordinate to provide asset management services to meet demand of customers in purchasing and using assets. Our property services help you best use of your property or project. Our detailed services include:

  • Property management services
  • Property management services
  • Agents to buy and sell property
  • Property brokerage

An example of the property management service that our company is implementing and has been highly appreciated by individual customers as the service of entrusted management of rental real estate. Vimax Asia team will be on behalf of customers in all stages such as listing real estate management, using real estate, real estate management including periodic rent. These jobs are managed by professional experts to help customers not have to worry about incidental work during the real estate rental process.

At corporate-level property, Vimax Asia and its experts provide services to sell businesses and projects to customers. This service helps business owners to implement business restructuring plans, call for investment capital… with support of a group of experts and specialists working as a flexible M&A department of the business.

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