Accounting and tax services

Accounting – Taxation is a very important part for every business although it is impossible to see its effects on operation of the busineses immediately. In case, your business do not comply with relevant regulations, it will be seriously fined, significantly adversely affecting financial issues.

The experts in charge of providing Accounting – Tax and Tax Agent services of Vimax Asia are members of the Vietnam Tax Consultants’ Association, in addition, Vimax Asia’s systems include Lawyers and experts in in banking, finance, business and insurance industries… will be on behalf of your business to carry out accounting issues or undertake following tasks:

  • Gathering invoices and related documents for tracking and accounting
  • Preparing financial statements, year-end tax declaration, corporate income tax (CIT) and personal income tax (PIT) declaration.
  • Comparing value-added invoices (VAT), lists, and preparing reports on VAT output.
  • Reviewing reports on use of tax invoices to file to the tax authorities.
  • Preparing general reports, tax reports periodically or irregularly.
  • Directly working with tax authorities to solve related issues

Accounting – Tax service of Vimax Asia helps businesses who are not confident in accounting, tax declaration and saves personnel and management costs. Especially minimizing risk of violating accounting and tax laws.

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    Nguyen Duc ToanCEO/Lawyer
    Nguyen Thao Ly
    Chief of consult department
    Truong Thi Thuy
    vice - chief of consult department
    Nguyen Thi Kim Anh
    Chief of financial department