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Vietnam is currently a rising star pioneering in various fields and demonstrating the potential of an active partner in international treaties. In the context of globalization, Vimax Asia was founded by a group of leading experts structured as a full solution for investment projects, enterprises, business start-ups, and operations in Vietnam.

Vimax Asia has been formed and developed for 15 years by a business network, Vimax Asia is one of the leading prestigious consulting companies in the Vietnamese market, with the goal of providing professional products and services to customers. in the fields of legal advice, mergers, and acquisitions, business consulting & solutions for businesses, investment consulting, valuation, finance and banking, business, insurance. Debt purchase and sale and corporate restructuring. Financial consulting and financial solutions. Tax consulting and implementation of accountants and tax agents. Realizing investment trust and asset management…Official portal on trade promotion and investment, law, finance, tax, accounting… is a reliable source for sharing Sharing business opportunities, connecting and supporting foreign and domestic investors, financial institutions, providing legal services, and prospering together.

Vimax Asia brings local culture and international thinking background to successfully consult in the Vietnamese market and reach out to the ASEAN + 3 region. Each legal entity is independently responsible for its own business. Central Strategy Vimax Asia pursues the goal of creating value for customers and the community by building the value of its own business. We are committed to bringing value to customers and the market.

With the strategy in mind below, we fully believe that the goal of this strategy can be achieved. (first). Legal Consulting (2). Business mergers and acquisitions (3). Business management consulting & solutions for businesses (4). Investment consulting (5). Debt purchase and sale and corporate restructuring (6). Financial consulting and financial solutions (7). Tax consultant, accountant, and tax agent (8). Realization of investment trust and asset management.

Corporate culture The culture at Vimax Asia is formed from the quality and real value of the work results that we achieve. Are the aspirations we want to build the business with, where we want to be, the path we have chosen, the way we treat our colleagues and community, and the process by which we built our true value. individual to collective in the enterprise.

What’s Real Value at Vimax Asia? Professional Ethics, Knowledge, and Aspirations; We respect and practice professional ethics with top priority, always improving knowledge. Encourage the entire company to always learn, aspire to work, dedicate, assert themselves and achieve goals.

What is the real value at Vimax Asia? Passion, Cooperation, and Satisfaction; “Vimax Asia” loves the path he has chosen, works the way he chooses, supports and cooperates in teamwork inside and outside the enterprise in the spirit of “all win”. We are committed to working and doing what we have declared to our customers, with the goal of “satisfying the customer”.

How is the actual value at Vimax Asia calculated? Recognition, Success, and Self-Esteem; We respect and recognize the value of every member of the business and expect to be recognized by the community for our value, the entire leadership and staff pursue the goal of customer success on the platform. individual and collective success. We are proud of our contribution to Vimax Asia, our community, and our country.

Achievements and community recognition? Vimax Asia has been established and developed for 15 years, a network of Vietnamese companies with experience in the field of providing legal consulting services, developing strategies and processes to handle cases related to Vimax Asia. legal fields such as litigation, trading services, debt collection, debt settlement, finance – banking, businesses, insurance, project legal advice, finance, tax consulting, debt trading, investment trust, asset management, business mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, project application… IPO consulting, investment partner search (referred to as Vimax Asia) under the network business of Vimax Asia. Each legal entity is independently responsible for business, on the other hand, is one of the leading Vietnamese companies in the field of providing tax consulting services and accounting services. With a team of qualified and experienced lawyers and consultants, along with the effective consulting that Vimax Asia brings to customers, it always accompanies the brand value of Vimax Asia. Vimax Asia is a member of the Vietnam Tax Consultants Association, a member of the Hanoi Bar Association – Vietnam Bar Federation. Received many Certificates of Merit and Certificates of Merit from the Vietnam Bar Federation and the Hanoi Bar Association during the development of Vietnamese Lawyers.

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